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International video exchange Project

Vamos trocar aprendizado?
Alunos da International Idiomas ensinando e aprendendo

Everyone knows something well but take it for granted right? Like speaking your native language, who would say that kids/teens can be teachers too?

When I first got in contact with this community, My purpose was for my students to see that communicating in a foreign language could be really fun. I thought that my students would benefit from having native friends to practice their English. But after a few hangouts I realised that connecting with classes around the world could be a two ways learning experience, not only my students were learning but they could teach as well.

Because I didn´t want my students to feel bad about the difficulties of communicating in a foreign language, I thought that if they saw how hard it is for other kids to learn a foreign language they wouldn´t feel as bad.

Then  I suggested that my students teach a few words and simple sentences in Portuguese during the hangouts.  It was a lot of fun for both classes, my students laughed when they watched the other group trying to say simple sentences in their language and this made them feel more confortable about their own mistakes.

Finally, how about my project?

My project is that my kids and teens exchange video lessons with classes around the globe. We´ll record 1 -2 minutes videos teaching simple things, like numbers, greetings, food, cultural diversity, etc. And in exchange your students can send us a video too.

You might think why would my students want to learn Portuguese, is it useful? They can learn a lot from sharing lessons with our students , such as international project collaboration and respect for other cultures and different people. Also Brazil is a very interesting country where people despite all difficulties are happy and positive. Even if they never visit a Portuguese speaking country in the future, learning a foreign language is great exercise for the brain. Besides, wouldn´t it feel great to see that they can be teachers too?


send me an email : renatinhateacher@gmail.com

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