Renata Madureira

Project leader


Writing a book with schools around the world, bringing together students from all continents

A book that travels by mail, written by multiple authors from different cultures. Students and teachers share their unique way of seeing the world. They teach and learn about other schools, cultures and countries, discovering differences and similarities. In addition, they develop a project locally and contribute to the solution of global problems.

How it all began

The first edition was in April 2016 when a teacher in Germany, Reinhard Marx started this international educational project. The World Book is in its third edition. The book that travels around the world  is coordinated for the first time by a teacher from Brazil in 2019 who was an active part of the two editions before.

This third edition called Planet Earth world Book has as its theme the 17 Sustainable Objectives, proposed by the UN for the millennium. The certainty that only education can form conscientious citizens was the driving force behind the idealization of this proposal. Its main objective is to think collectively about the problems faced by humanity and to develop in each participating school a project led by students in order to promote reflection and carry out at least one concrete action within their community. It has helped to awaken interest in world issues among students around the world, making them small agents of change and transformation in their community and school.

Its trajectory

The international project was divided into two books. They left Brazil in the hands of the teacher Renata Madureira, headed for the United States on april, 4th of 2019, after visiting public and private schools in Brasília, where hundreds of students have contributed on their pages.

In the United States they traveled by mail visiting 9 schools from different states. Teacher Renata also visited the last partner school in the United States to receive one of the books: Irvington Main Street school and was welcomed by Professor Susan Wallace responsible for the project in New York. During her visit they held a video conference to show the updated book to other participants. In the video conference participated: 3 schools from the United States, three from Brazil and two from India.

After visiting the United States, the books were sent to schools in Canada and then Europe: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Croatia and Russia. After that Asia:  India and Israel,  to finally return to South America : Brazil full of memories.

There was also the online participation of schools in Nigeria. Renata Madureira was invited to speak at the Inspire a Child event aimed at 20 public schools in Nigeria. In Nigeria, young girls from low-income families are at high risk, from getting married too soon, or are victims of sexual violence. Inspire a Child is a non-profit social impact initiative for girls that aims to inspire girls to change their vision and believe in new possibilities for their future. In the presentation she showed videos of schools participating in the project made by students from Brazil, the United States and Argentina inviting students from Nigeria to participate in the World Book.

One of the books was back to Brazil in April of 2020. The other one was back to Brazil in October/20. In addition to the books that travel by mail, there are also part of the project: virtual folders with videos, photos of students in the execution of the project, information on the development of local projects from each participating school and much more.