Case Study 2:

Lonely Shadow – Global Project

Project Overview

The problem

Busy EFL teachers lack the time to plan exciting lessons and need to learn new technology tools to motivate students and improve their  students English skills.

The goal

This project aimed to encourage poetry reading and promote local Brazilian authors.

The product

The book of poems Lonely Shadow, by Ediney Santana, was
translated into English and sent by mail to twenty schools from different countries. The students read the book, chose their favorite poem and recorded a video.

My role

Global Project from conception to delivery.


Ideation, tranlating book cover + pages layout, Coordenating global partnership project.

Project duration

Jan 2021 to June 2021.

Challenge: Motivate students to read poetry from local authors, practice EFL and connect students around the world.

EFL Teacher pain point:

Teachers feel they are failing to lead students to language learning and skills development, unable to stream content, not being able to solve the difficulties of the students, not able to work the content of English classes, not reaching educational goals, lack of motivation.

About the author

Ediney Santana is a poet from Bahia, Brazil. He is currently living in Brasilia, DF. He wrote books of poems and novels. It's the first time that has his poems are translated to English. Ediney Santana is among the best writers of his generation and now readers of the English language can have the first contact with his writings and his humanist worldview.


The book was mailed to all schools that were interested in the project. We received videos from students from three states different of the United States and a school in
Buenos Aires, Argentina. We also received questions for the Author from Indiana, United States. Brazilian students recorded a video interviewing the Author, using the submitted questions and translated his answers into English to send it back.

Global Partners envolved

Number of schools that received the book :20;

Number of schools that got actively envolved: 5

Skills worked:

Reading and interpretation of texts, translation and writing, use of technologies, orality.


Poetry, technology, citizenship and cultural exchange.


Students from Brazil read their favorite poems:

Once there was a boy whose words touched my heart. This boy couldn’t stop writing, he wrote relentlessly day and night. As he became a man, he continued to write and even if nobody reads or listens to what he has to say, He keeps writing as if it’s his Godly mission. When you touch someone with your words, you can live forever in the hearts of your readers. That is his dream: to live forever. There’s nothing wrong with that, to dream of eternity. I hope he never gives up writing, no matter what happens, and how hard things get. My wish is that his words touch a million of hearts like they touched mine. Lonely Shadow




The Global Poetry has helped the teachers in motivating their students to read poetry, practice oral English language skills and also helped a local author to showcase his work abroad.

What I learned

While designing the Lonely Shadow Global book project , I learned that the first ideas are only the beginning of the process. Global partners have influenced and improved greatly the outcome.