Case Study 3:

World Book Project


Transform classrooms with the use of technology and connect students around the world.


The project is aimed to awaken interest in global issues among students around the world, making them small agents of change and transformation in their community
and school.


The World Book is a project of one or more books that travel by mail, written by students from different cultures to share their unique way of seeing the world.

My role:

Global Project from conception to delivery.


Ideation, Managing global project.

Project Duration

April 2019 to September 2021

How it all began

This adventure began in April / 16 when the first edition of the book came from a public school in Germany. The project was created by Professor Reinhard Marx. The duration of each edition is approximately 1 year. In Brazil the book visited public and private schools.
His passage through Brazil was broadcasted on TV, newspapers and websites. There were several events in partnership with public libraries and more.

Going forward

Next steps

1. Funding

Get partnerships and fundings for the production of the  Planet Earth World Book catalogue. 

2. Ideation

Distribution of the catalogue to all the global partners schools participants and development of global projects in brazilian schools.