Sobre Renata Madureira

Atualmente estou em transição de carreira. Meu objetivo é trabalhar remotamente capacitando professores e empreendedores com meus cursos online ou para empresas em qualquer lugar do mundo, tenho certificações em cursos de Marketing Digital, programação e UX Design.

Grata pelo seu interesse no meu trabalho,

Renata Madureira

I’m currently looking for a career transition. My goal is to work remotely for businesses anywhere in the world.
Female entrepreneurship: Directed a small business, recruited and managed a team of 10 employees for 12 years.
Led training programs for over 100 EFL teachers.Developed a new methodology to teach English for children, validated with hundreds of children (3-6 years).
Awarded by the British Council.Introduced global connection for over 500 students in Brazil.
Launched over 70 international educational projects and Collaborated with more than 100 foreign schools.
Selected among the 5 best proposals at the event at the 5th Edtech Meetup, the largest education and technology event in DF/Brazil/19.Featured in  International newspaper (Teesdale Mercury Newspaper), national and local newspapers, 3 national TV networks (Rede Globo, SBT, Band).
Launched 3 courses online: how to teach English as a foreign Language for instructors, How to use Global connection and technology tools in the classroom and digital entrepreneurship for women in small business.
Speaker at the Ossobuco Bsb event at the Cultural Center. TCU.
Speaker at the Inspire a Child 2019 online event for 20 public schools in Nigeria
Teacher of digital entrepreneurship-
Developed online course for Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) in partnership with the Secretariat for Women in Brazil and Secretariat for Culture, which certified over 2000 businesswomen to increase female entrepreneurship.